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Super Penthouse

Pental apartment of 234 square meters on the top floor that is divided into two large areas perfectly separated from each other: a large living area and the sleeping area, consisting of 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and a large corridor designed to accommodate fitted wardrobes or bookcases and thus ensure the best use of space.
The living area consists of a separate kitchen and a large living area with panoramic views and maximum brightness. The careful design of the spaces has made it possible to cut out a separate and reserved niche, to be dedicated to a studio for those who want to work from home in a comfortable and professional way.

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Campari Tower is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a solution in the name of exclusivity. The 36-meter-high view embraces the green of the hanging gardens that cover the Campari headquarters and the 6,000-meter-long park going up to the skyline of Milan.

Perfect acoustic insulation prevents the surrounding noise to break the stillness of the interior. Natural contact with the surrounding environment is guaranteed by the attention to the relationship between indoor and outdoor environments, as well as the preservation of the view from the apartments. The glazed wide, recessed with respect to the balconies, make the spaces very bright without the hassle of the direct light and allow you to look out to the surrounding world without being seen.

Total safety and privacy are guaranteed by the entrances monitored by video surveiilance and by lifts designed to ensure exclusive and reserved access to the floors.

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  • Super Penthouse

Super Penthouse


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Residenze Campari | Via Campari angolo Viale Gramsci 20099 - Sesto San Giovanni

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