Tridimensional tour
Tridimensional tour

Moretti Real Estate

Moretti Real Estate is Moretti's business unit dedicated to the large real estate development operations, which collects and directs, in a specialist sense, Moretti's thirty-year experience in this field. Valuation of real estate assets, integrated programs for the implementation of large projects, sale of buildings built to capitalize on high returns for investors: these are the goals on which Moretti Real Estate operates.

Numerous initiatives already implemented with a variety of uses: residential, commercial, executive, hotel and logistics, integrating activities and functionality to create greater value. Moretti Real Estate supports investors in evaluations from the real estate initiative concept, through financial analysis, market analysis, design, implementation, and communication to final sales. The close and continuous synergy with the companies of the group allows you to think already with the optics of those who are accustomed to performing quality interventions, reducing the time and optimizing the risks.

Residenze Campari | Via Campari angolo Viale Gramsci 20099 - Sesto San Giovanni

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