Tridimensional tour
Tridimensional tour

Protagonists of Campari Towers

Living quality starts from the architectural project 
Vittorio Moretti - Penthouses in Milan - Campari Towers

Vittorio Moretti

"By keeping the memory of the building of industrial archeology, we have recovered an indelible mark of the history of the company and of evolution of the city”

Mario Botta - Penthouses in Milan - Campari Towers

Mario Botta

"Drawing the houses for Vittorio Moretti was an opportunity to testify my idea on living today. The house has remained in the subconscious the place where man can regenerate himself, can find himself, can recover his history, his memory, can daydream; it is the place where man can ideally rejoin to the collectivity, and where he can feel part of a common design."

Penthouses in Milan - Campari Towers

Giancarlo Marzorati

"Among the goals of urban planning choices is the creation of a balance between ancient and modern. For this reason, these buildings are at the cutting-edge of technological choices aimed at the culture of eco-sustainability."

Tiziano Bertazzoni - Penthouses in Milan - Campari Towers

Tiziano Bertazzoni

"With this real estate intervention we wanted to contribute to the development of one of Milan's new cultural hubs, to the revival and upgrading of an area where it is possible to integrate art and architecture, where you can feel the international spirit that some great architects know how to give." 

Residenze Campari | Via Campari angolo Viale Gramsci 20099 - Sesto San Giovanni

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